Neurologically Based Chiropractic

The profession of chiropractic has had an internal conflict from the very start. That conflict has created an enormous amount of wasted resources and missed opportunities to educate our world.

By changing the conversation we change the direction. No longer will we argue the validity of the subluxation or evidence based care. We are taking the conversation from pain to brain.

These series showcase some of the leading minds in the Neurologically Based Chiropractic (NBC) movement. The father of NBC, Dr. Richard Barwell. The foremost leader of NBC research, Dr. Heidi Haavik. Chiropractors that have changed the way they communicate in their practice as well as some of the leading consultants in the industry that have made this their new mission.

These series are a free resource from OneChiropractic and designed to help bring our profession back together around an ideal that we can all understand and agree with. By clicking the links below you will fill out a short form and then you will receive emails once a day until the series is completed. We are delivering this information in short segments so it is easy to comprehend and more convenient.

Click the links below to view either series. Be sure to start with series 1 as it lays down the foundation of the movement and lets start communicating the truth with confidence, I promise you will not be the same after this series!

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CLICK HERE to start Video Series 2 (29 Sessions)